Do you want to advertise your products?

Requirements to be part of the platform

To be able to publish your products on this portal, it is an essential requirement to belong or own a small or/and medium-sized company. The fundamental activity must be related to local products coming directly or indirectly form the primary sector.

How to join

To start working with the platform, a contract formalization is required and you will receive your entry codes. After that you can start to publish your supplier profile as well as your products for sale. request registration at

Receipt of orders 

The provider will receive the orders in real time, the platform will send the order to the designated email, the possibility of receiving them by telegram is also contemplated, in this way the order can be accessed from our smartphone, calling or sending a WhatsApp to the client with a simple click.

Distribution of orders

The distribution of orders is the responsibility of the supplier, the platform will offer you control tools to keep track of the deliveries. At the time of delivering the orders, the supplier must formalize the delivery on the platform. This operation can be managed from a smartphone. If you want to carry out the complete management on the platform, you will have the possibility of entering orders from other channels.

How does the application works

Here you can see a video tutorial of the functions of the tool that you acquire when joining

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